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Supporting your journey through education and personal well-being. 

About Us

A message from Dr. Tania F. Abouzeide: 

Welcome to Way Finder Educational Consulting. I am Tania Abouzeide, Ph.D., founder and lead consultant of Way Finder Educational Consulting. I am an educator, higher education practitioner, counselor and an ultimate optimist. I reside in sunny South Florida with my husband, and our two daughters. 

I established Way Finder because I am dedicated to serving individuals seeking post-secondary educational opportunities. Personal well-being and providing resources to base major life decisions is my passion. I have spent my entire professional career committed to higher education, college advising, student advocacy, personal counseling and academic research. 

My hope is to assist our growing community to discover, learn and embark on their unique path towards a life of fulfillment, passion and joy. Welcome! 

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About Way Finder Educational Consulting 

Way Finder provides post-secondary educational consulting services to individuals and community organizations. Our expertise addresses the pre-enrollment and decision-making stage. We assist our clients throughout the college/major exploration phase to ultimately secure academic pursuits and credentials.

Services include: 

Academic & Career Planning  

College Admissions (Undergraduate and Graduate)

College Advising & Counseling

Online & Distance Education 

Adult Education Options

Personal Counseling & Coaching 

Webinars, Special Events and Public Speaking Engagements 

At Way Finder we serve individuals seeking college entry. We also serve educational institutions considering opportunities to advance and enroll diverse student demographics. Our clientele includes: 

Adult learners

Career changers

First-generation individuals and families

College & Universities

K-12 Public & Charter Schools

Non-Profit Organizations 

Our Why

The college education process does not have to be stressful and overwhelming.  At Way Finder, we help you reduce the stress in this process. We educate, inform and assist individuals, families and organizations in the college process and address trends in higher education. Our goal is to help individuals make a decision that will positively impact their lives. We believe education is just one pathway to success, resulting in a better quality of life and ultimately better for society at large. We do not take a one size all approach. Although college is not for everyone, we believe everyone should have an opportunity to pursue and further their education whether in a formal college setting or not. Our services are dedicated to advancing the aspirations and goals of our Way Finder clients and community. 

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Offered Services

We offer comprehensive college admission guidance through our Educational Pathways program. We assist college bound individuals and families with college applications and guidance of the college search process. 

We offer Career Coaching services including resume review, resume and cover letter writing, and interview preparation. Career trajectories evolve and are not a linear path. Therefore, we recognize the importance of career guidance. 

We believe wellness, mindfulness and healthy habits serve as the foundation for a better life. Personal development and well-being is the heart of Way Finder. We offer personal coaching services to help our clients with their academic and personal journey, through self-exploration methods. We conduct personal wellness, life coaching, and referral services to support our clients in discovering and surpassing their goals. 

Sign-up for our information sessions and workshops highlighting the college admission cycle. We offer small group sessions covering college and post-secondary options. We also conduct small group personal coaching sessions.   

Stay up to date with the latest in higher-education related content on our Way Finder Wednesday segment, where we cover college admissions, educational policy updates and enrollment trends. Also check out the Blog for tips and resources on the college admissions process. Stay connected with us at @WayFinderOrg & @DrAbouzeide on Instagram.  

College Counseling
Personal Coaching/Counseling
Worklshops & Seminars
Media & Blog


Last year, my son Kamryn began the college application process.  Choosing which colleges to apply to, the actual college application itself, completion of the application for federal financial aid as well as meeting all the deadlines was very overwhelming.  A close friend of mine referred me to Dr. Abouzeide and her firm, Way Finder Educational Consulting.  Dr. Abouzeide’s help and guidance were invaluable.  She first helped my son prioritize which colleges to apply to based on his criteria.  Dr. Abouzeide then assisted Kamryn with the college application process and made sure he met all of the deadlines.  Kamryn was admitted to 12 top ranked colleges in the United States including Berkeley, Boston College, Georgetown University, New York University, Notre Dame, Rice University, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, University of Southern California, Wake Forest University, Washington University, Washington Lee University, and the University of Florida. 


Dr. Abouzeide was instrumental in helping Kamryn to be admitted into the college of his choice.  She is a dedicated college advisor who cares about her clients.  We especially appreciated her moral support during this very stressful time.  Dr. Abouzeide went above and beyond to assist my son.  Kamryn has decided to attend Notre Dame and we are so excited about the outcome.  We plan on using Way Finder in the near future for our younger child. 

Thank you, Dr. Abouzeide, we truly appreciate your dedication, support, and guidance.

Natalie D. 

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