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Supporting your journey through education and personal well-being. 

The Way Finder Why:

At Way Finder Educational Consulting, LLC, we're on a mission to illuminate the path to higher education for individuals, families, and community organizations alike. Our dedication lies in guiding and supporting the underrepresented - first-generation students, high school students, and their families - throughout the often intricate journey of college admissions. 


From crafting that exceptional college essay to helping students curate the perfect college list, providing expert recommendation letter guidance, strategizing entrance exam success, and navigating the complex world of financial aid, we've got you covered. Helping students and their families through the educational journey is our priority, and we're here to ensure young scholars reach their goals, all while delivering the support needed to thrive.


We are so blessed that Joshua found his way with the help and guidance of Dr. Tania through Way Finder!  We could not have done it without Dr. Tania's valuable information, guidance and motivation.  Way Finder helped Joshua with essay writing, college application deadlines, college scholarship information, financial aid application deadlines and continued to motivate Joshua until he was accepted into a top university.   Dr. Tania’s strategic planning and guidance was priceless! 

We are forever grateful!  Thank you Dr. Tania


-Wendy E. 

About Us
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A Greeting from
Dr. Tania F. Abouzeide:

Welcome to Way Finder Educational Consulting. I am Tania Abouzeide, Ph.D., founder and lead consultant of Way Finder Educational Consulting. I am an educator, higher education  practitioner, counselor and an ultimate optimist. I reside in sunny South Florida with my  husband, and our two daughters.


I established Way Finder because I am dedicated to serving individuals seeking post-secondary educational opportunities. Personal well-being and providing resources to base major life  decisions is my passion. I have spent my entire professional career committed to higher education, college advising, student advocacy, personal coaching and academic research. My hope is to assist our growing community to discover, learn and embark on their unique path towards a life of fulfillment, passion and joy. Welcome! 



Thanks for connecting with Way Finder Educational Consulting. We will connect with you and start your journey to success!

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