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About Way Finder Educational Consulting 

Our mission is clear: we're here to assist students and their families in identifying and seizing post-secondary educational opportunities. Through personalized coaching and online courses, we help our clients not only discover but also surpass their academic goals. We are committed to pushing the boundaries of higher education through policy research that benefits our clients and the  community. 

At the heart of our approach is a deep belief in the uniqueness of every individual. Our humanistic philosophy means we deliver a personalized experience that results in the attainment of secured goals, wellness, and knowledge.


Our vision is simple but powerful: to guide students towards their path, purpose, and passion. 


Meet the Team - Your way finders


Our Community Partners

Way Finder Educational Consulting, LLC partners with the following organizations and schools to provide college admissions guidance and information.

Want To Join The List And Be a Way Finder Partner? Explore what’s possible when you partner with us!


Workshops and Seminars (In Person & Virtual)

  • College Research Process (60 minutes)

  • College Application Guidance: Summer Strategies (60 minutes)

  • Financial Aid & Scholarship Search (45 minutes)


Consulting Services

  • Comprehensive College Admissions Coaching (Individual and/or Small Group for the academic year; includes access to College Counseling Software)

  • College Admissions Curriculum

  • Select College Application Webinars & Workshops:

  • Personal Essay & Statement

  • College List Building

  • Decoding Financial Aid Offers

  • College Application Strategy

  • College Admissions: What They Don't and Won't Tell You

  • Customized College Admissions Program

Ready to transform educational experiences? Contact us to explore partnership opportunities and learn how we can work together to empower students on their journey toward higher education success.

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